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We partner with you in achieving your financial goals and unlocking the potentials of the immense world of trading currency and transaction.

Money Language provides traders with Sharia compliant services and trading conditions that are tailored to suit their needs and realize their ambitions, using state-of-the-art solutions, to make every execution faster and more efficient.

Our expertise and technology contribute in facilitating your investments as well as leading innovation of the industry in the region.



Innovations and expertise that lead the trading industry in the region and drive it forward.



Aiming to be the most trusted name and the clients’ first choice in Foreign Exchange Market trading and investments.



Transparency in all our transactions.
Client-centric services.
A safe trading environment.

Why Money Language is your best choice?

  • Sharia compliant accounts
  • High-tech tools and solutions
  • Safe and secure trading
  • Smart investment
  • Comprehensive support 24/7
  • Tailored services
  • Speed and efficiency


Foreign Exchange Market is the most traded market in the world, and we offer you a Shariah compliant version where you can trade currencies without any extension fees on your account.


  • Leverage up to 400: 1 for all accounts
  • We provide the most powerful trading platforms for the devices and smartphones for personal accounts (less than $ 30,000)
  • We provide specialized consultants for accounts with minimum $ 30,000

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Our Achievements

We have achieved an excellent and steady return over the last five years, with a profit rate ranging of 45% -60% for the accounts managed by us.


Benefits and Risks

Foreign Exchange Market is the largest market in the world due to its high trading volume and cash flow, and its returns from short and long-term profits.

For the same reasons, trading in this market is not free of risks, that increase without the management of specialists in this area, the risk ratio of the managed portfolio is 30% of the capital, while it’s very high and not specific for the personal accounts, We do not bear any of the consequences of personal trading and market results in that case.


Privacy of Your Data

Starting the trading process requires collecting and storing personal data about you in order to provide you with investment services. We collect information as a result of identity authentication or verification to prevent fraud, and to organize and manage your products.

Therefore, the obligation to maintain privacy and security is the basis of our dealings with customers and investors, so that no information related to them or their data or personal and managed investment portfolios is disclosed to any entity or persons not authorized to know them.



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In case you need to talk to us for any specific query, you can contact us through your preferred mode of communication.

Our Products

We offer clients and investors two types of portfolios:
– Personal portfolios managed by the same account holder
– portfolios that are managed by us, which are:
1. The risk ratio is carried by Money Language.
The risk ratio is 30% with a semi-annual dividend of between 20% and 18%, or an annual dividend of 45% to 50%.
2. The risk ratio is carried by the investor.
The risk ratio is 30% with a semi-annual dividend of between 21% and 25% or an annual dividend of 51% to 56%.

Our Products

What is the difference between our Products?

Personal Portfolio

Personal portfolios

There is no maximum loss limit for these portfolios. They are managed individually by the account holder and cannot be traded 24/7 and no commissions are included

Managed Portfolio

Managed portfolios

The portfolio carries a low risk ratio and generates high returns. These portfolios are diversified while their performance remains stable and profitable. It is managed by an integrated team of experts and consultants who supervise trading around the clock. The trading decision is based on fundamental and technical analysis and is taken collectively, and investors in the parent portfolio receive commissions added to their accounts.

What is Foreign Exchange Market?

Foreign Exchange Market

→ The world’s largest and only market traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
→ Foreign Exchange Market is traded in the five major currencies in addition to all the currencies of the world
→ The total daily trading volume is 5.5 trillion dollars (October 2016 statistics)
→ Easy to handle in the case of opening accounts, deposit and withdrawal and in the use of tools and trading programs.
→ Includes risk management tools for stop loss, hedging system, mobile stop and commodity diversification.
→ One of the most exciting markets for traders
→ Global banks, central banks, investment funds and currency traders are among the most important drivers for this market

The Foreign Exchange Market also has several characteristics:

  • Strict control by governments, regulators and legislators
  • The security, safety and separation of funds from companies and banks
  • Having buyer and seller permanently at the same time
  • Financial leverage system
  • No market collapse at all (two-way market)
  • Ease of dealing with programs and plans and strategies
  • Studies provide technical, basic, economic and political analysis
  • Points difference is very simple and without any commissions
  • Ease and mechanism of placing orders to buy and reap profits

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Money Language offers Foreign Exchange Market services.

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