Money Language FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do I open an account?

First, you must fill in the data by opening the account and choosing the type of account required, and then transfer the amount or funds by bank or deposit in our account in Alahli Bank, and you will be notified of the final approval of your request upon completion of all requirements.

What documents are required to open an account?

A copy of the first and second pages of the passport signed by the holder, in addition to the bank statement and address.

As for the account managed by us, the requirements are as follows:

  • signed copy of the first and second pages of the passport, or a copy of the driver’s license
  • Attach the transfer form or deposit
  • The deposit must be on behalf of the applicant to open the account in the Money Language

How long does it take to open a personal account and a managed account?

  • The personal account is opened when the order is completed.
  • The managed account takes 2-3 weeks.

Is there a risk ratio on the personal account and the managed account? How many ranges?

  • The risk ratio for the personal account is very high.
  • As for the managed account, the risk-to-capital ratio is only 30% and when the portfolio reaches the full risk ratio, the portfolio is automatically closed to save the remaining capital of 70%.

How much is the leverage for my account?

1: 400

What is the minimum financial limit for opening an account?

  • The minimum account managed by us is $ 30,000
  • While the minimum for personally managed accounts is $ 250 and above

What is the appropriate time to open a personal account and a managed account for depositing funds?

  • You can open your personal account at any time
  • The managed account is preferred to be opened from the beginning of each month to the 10th of the same month

When does the contract start for the managed account?

  • The contract shall be in the beginning of each month
  • As an example, it starts in 01/01/2017 and ends at the end of the same month in the following year example 30/01/2018

How do I deposit funds into my account?

  • Through deposit or bank transfer for managed accounts
  • For personal accounts, the deposit is direct by credit card or international bank transfer

How can I withdraw funds?

  • You can withdraw funds at any time for your personal account
  • The managed account shall be at the end of the agreement in one month if the dividend is distributed annually or semi-annually (every six months).
  • You must notify us of your desire to withdraw a certain amount, renewal or liquidation

How long is the contract for the personal account and the managed account?

  • There is no time limit for the personal account, once you open the account you can cancel it at any time
  • The managed account is for a full year (13 months) regardless of the profit distribution periods

Can I withdraw the capital to the managed account before the agreed contract period ends?

Yes, you can, at the approval of the Financial Management Department, but you are not entitled to any profits and the capital will be paid only to you. The profits are the amount of the fees of the managers of the portfolio for your contract.

When does the market open?

  • The opening of the market begins at dawn on Monday at 12 am to Saturday 1am
  • 24/5

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