Privacy policy

Money Language(ML) respects the individual’s privacy and appreciates the confidence of its clients, partners and employees.

This Privacy Policy sets out ML practices for the collection, use and dissemination of information that you may provide to us yourself through this site. Please read the entire privacy policy text before using this site or providing ML with any information.
When you use this site and provide ML with information through, you agree to the terms of ML Privacy Policy and to publish your information as described below.

Data collection

ML only collects information that identifies people like name, address, phone number, or email address. This information are provided voluntarily to ML. ML employees can use this information as a means of contacting you for further information or for improvement of this site, or it may be used to provide you with the information you requested or any additional information that ML believes that it may be of interest to you. This data will not be shared outside ML without your prior consent, but it may be used within ML or by a company acting as an agent of ML for the purpose of processing data and sending e-mails. ML can also use this information within the scope of its internal system to conduct studies on the market or for other commercial purposes for which ML may obtain compensations.
ML respects the privacy of the client. No direct information of the client, information of his relationship with ML or with any other company represented by ML will be disclosed, shared or discussed except with the client himself. This includes the client account information, capitals information and all matters relating to trading and circulation. ML keeps it in a very narrow range within its internal and external system for the satisfactory service of the client. ML reserves the right to prevent the client from publishing this information inside and outside the scope of its information system in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
ML maintains the collected data in an electronic database containing personally identifiable information that has been voluntarily given. ML or its agents may exchange such information with each other or with you through the Internet or Intranet in order to provide the above services.

While ML makes every effort to protect the information collected through its websites, please be aware that there is a permanent risk when giving data online. We cannot guarantee that our website is 100% free of illegal tampering or “penetration”. Every information transmitted over the internet remains vulnerable; but it gets the same protection that ML attaches to its confidential files as soon as it receives and enters its database.
We record the full number of visitors to our website, the number of visitors to each page, and the domain name of the visitor’s internet service provider. However, we do not collect any personal identification information in the course of this process.

Update your information

Please let us know if you wish at any time to stop receiving our e-mails, you want to contact us in any way or in case that you have provided personally identifiable information on our website and wish to delete it from our records. However, sometimes (in addition to other reasons, for example, certain applicable laws), we may not be able to erase your personally identifiable information, but we will “hide” it and prevent its use in the future. You can also request access to your personal information at ML and have the opportunity to request correction or modification. As an e-mail reminder, any e-mail you send or receive through your employer’s e-mail system can become his or her own. Thus, your employer can review your personal information that you send via e-mail.

Links to third parties

For the convenience of our visitors, our sites currently have links to a number of sites (that does not belong to ML) that we believe may provide useful information. The privacy policy does not apply to those sites. You should contact these sites directly to inquire about their privacy policies, confidentiality agreements and data collection and distribution procedures. ML has no control over third party sites and will not, to the fullest extent permitted by law, be responsible for the information and privacy policy of such sites.

Children policy

Our websites are not directed, nor intended to attract, to children under the age of 13. We do not collect personal data from anyone whom we actually know he is a child under the age of 13.


We collect information about your use of our site through cookies and similar technologies. There are two types of cookies: those associated with the session (temporary cookies) and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies store non-personal information about your visit to the site temporarily in the memory of your computer. This cookie is cleared once the web browser is closed. Permanent cookies are limited to identifying your Internet browser and keeping the information required by the website from you in your computer memory permanently. Cookies do not collect or store your name or other personal information, but when you revisit our website, it allows us to display the content and constituents that you may be most interested in according to your previous activities on our site. Your Internet browser can be set to allow you to choose whether to accept or reject cookies, or to notify you whenever one of them is sent to you. Sites with activated cookies will not identify you if your browser is set to deny cookies, as is the case with our site, which may disable some of its functionality.

On some of our websites, we also use pixels or transparent image files to help manage ads online. These files allow you to identify a unique cookie file in your web browser, which allows us to see the quality of ads that attract users to our site. The information we collect and share is anonymous and cannot be identified. It does not contain your name, address, phone number or email address.
By using ML sites that require a password, you grant us permission to use a permanent cookie that is a small data file that is generated when you enter your username and password and access the site. The file is saved in the memory of your computer, which enables your Internet browser to access all pages within the password-protected area.

Please note that other non-mL-related sites that you are linked to may also use cookies. ML cannot control the use of cookies by those sites that have nothing to do with them. In addition, when you connect to another site from ML website with the links, this site may have the ability to know your connection with ML website. If you do not want other sites to know about your visit to our site, we recommend that you do not use the links on our website.

Update your privacy policy

Any changes to the Privacy Policy for ML website will be published on this page.